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A Controller that Adapts to the Way you Play, Not the other way around

The Proteus Controller is a modular adaptive kit that gives you the tools to build your own unique controller to suit your needs.

Perfect for Xbox and PC Gamers.

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Build Over 100 Million Configurations

with Just One Kit

Image of Proteus Controller Kit

Everything you need in one kit

No need to purchase any extra add-ons, you have everything you need to play and it works straight out of the box seamlessly with Xbox and PC.


Easily Connect Modules Together

Connect modules and peripheral buttons at 16 different angles in any configuration that works for you.

Build, Plug, Play

Build a controller in a way that works for you
Building a two handed controller
Plug your wireless Bluetooth Dongle into your Xbox or PC
Plug in dongle to xbox
Start paying your favourite games seamlessly. No extra software needed.
Playing with the proteus controller

Build Your Way to Play

Designed inclusively for everyone, the Proteus Controller allows you to build your own unique gaming solution.

Whether adapting to physical disabilities or simply customizing your experience, the Proteus puts control in your hands for a truly individualized inclusive gaming experience.

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Endless Configurations

Two Handed Configuration
Playing Gif
One Handed Configuration
One Handed Cropped
Table Top Configuration
Martin Cropped

Seamless Experience

The Proteus Controller may look complicated, but we have worked hard to make the experience as simple and streamlined as possible to ensure a magical user experience
Dual Charging
image (18)-1
The Proteus Controller is wireless, but if you want to play all day you can still charge your controller while playing using the USB-C Charging Module.
Build & Rebuild Mid Game
Switch Dpad Print v6 Wide PSD-Camera 2
Change your configuration to suit your game, even while playing
Companion Software
Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 22.29.21
Remap buttons, change analog stick direction, customise LEDs, save configurations & more!

3D Print It

We are open sourcing our mechanical connection mechanism that enable you to 3D print custom parts for your controller
Analog Cube Silkscreen High-Camera 2

What's Included?


Body Modules

Mother Cube x2

Analog Cube x2

Spacer x1

Edge Cube x1

Charging Module x1


Left Handle x1

Right Handle x1

Plugs x9

Bluetooth Dongle x1


Xbox Peripheral x1

XYAB Peripheral x1

Dpad Peripheral x1

Left Trigger Peripheral x1

Right Trigger Peripheral x1

One Button Peripheral x1

Two Button Peripheral x1

Mini Joystick Peripheral x1

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Officially Licensed

The Proteus Controller is an officially licensed product designed for Xbox, ensuring seamless compatibility with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11. Before release, the Proteus Controller undergoes rigorous testing to meet Xbox's high-quality standards, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience with your favorite games.

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PRE-Order available soon

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